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Welcome to The Coders


Who We Are

Coders You Can Trust

Relax knowing that your coders are OASIS and Coding Certified.  We have an all RN staff that works with your staff to get you paid and avoid errors.  

Experienced and Supportive

The Coders work directly with your staff to fill in any blanks in information to ensure that you have the correct coding.  In the PDGM environment, it is more important than ever to submit claims with the limited codes allowed in our new billing system.

Help is on the Way!

We believe in our clients.  We want you to do well because when you succeed, we do too.  Our coders are among the best you will ever meet and they want to work with you.


ICD-10 Coding

We look at the referral, the Face-to-Face and any other available information at the time of Admission.  On recertification, we look for new orders, meds, hospitalizations and adjust the coding accordingly.  



Our coders look for completeness, inconsistencies in data and make suggestions to the clinician who assessed the patient.  The final codes are always decided by the clinician and our coders take the time to explain their recommendations.

Billing and Consulting

Offered as a separate service from companies with co-ownership, we are proud to be able to offer billing and consulting services.  Let us know what you need and we will determine if our skills are a match.